Operation Narcissus

Well, I haven't written in about fifty years. I attribute this to no longer being interested in cooking (or maybe never having been very interested in cooking).

One of my friends and co-alumni from Pratt says that Facebook is the vanity of vanities. I agree. And, I thought, what's more narcissistic than Facebook? Easy answer: a blog. So I got one. Now I'm turning my blog into something without any semblance of interest in the world outside myself. The only connecting thread between posts will probably be that I'm writing them and that they're indulging in the fantasy that people want to read what I have to write. (Maybe it's even more deeply narcissistic than I thought. Maybe I don't even care if other people read what I wrote.)

I imagine there will probably still be lots about the different kinds of coffee because--for some reason--that seems to be a large part of my personality.

Anyway, enjoy.


  1. I'm spending tonight reading this blog all the way through. I already read what I think is all of Silence in the Valley of Unrest.

    1. You are the very best argument for a fan anyone has ever had. Also, you're bad for my narcissism. (Good for? I don't know. You're making it worse, that's the point.)